Mustafa Ali Yanık

Nose Aesthetics By Laser

We can say that, the purpose of the rhinoplasty surgery is to reshape the nose and, to give a permanent shape to the nose. Although it is generally performed because of aesthetic reasons, it is also performed to correct the problems that occur while giving birth or after the trauma. It is also possible to solve the problems that occurs due to functional problems in breathing. It is the most requested and performed plastic surgery.

The most common nose deformities which patients want to be corrected are;  nasal hump, collapsing nasal cartilages, nasal tip deformity, low nasal tip, large nasal wings and narrow nasal bone angle. There are different methods to correct these deformities; Along with open / closed rhinoplasty techniques, thanks to the development of laser technology in recent years, Nose aesthetic by laser is also possible.

In standard rhinoplasty, structural shape changes and nasal cartilage changes could be performed by the surgical cutting in the nasal bone.

In rhinoplasty operations performed with laser,  thicker nasal skin can be thinned by  CO2 laser . Because of this application, the surface thick layer of the skin is peeled and the damage to the nose is minimal and a faster recovery period is experienced. When this technique is performed, especially on thicker skin, a healthier skin layer appears in time. While the healing period continues, the damaged skin layer is also peeled off.

Performing of this technique is dangereous in patients who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes and bleeding clotting problems.


  • Have a shorter recovery period
  • It makes possible to Reshape the nose without a major surgical operation
  • It is performed by Local anesthesia
  • No need to buffer
  • The duration of staying in hospital is short
  • Low complication rate
  • Rapid healing process in patients with thick skin