Mustafa Ali Yanık


What is Non-surgical (By String) Prominent Ear Surgery ?

It is a very new and permanent method that can be applied in a short time without incision.  However, it is not applicable to every patient. This may not be appropriate for our patients who have excessive  cartilage . Apart from this, everyone can undergo this operation. Whether the patient is eligible for the operation is only apparent after the examination. This is absolutely stated to the patients who reach us by phone or internet. Logically, it is similar to the sling methods applied in the facial region. The satisfaction of the patients in this operation is high.

How to?

It is the process of moving the ear cartilage backwards. During this process, special, long-lasting aesthetic strings are used, they are not visible from the outside. It is performed by local anesthesia and the average duration is 15-20 minutes. During the operation, no pain is felt. Since the patients are able to comment during the operation, they are also advantageous for obtaining the desired result.

Other Advantages:

  • No scars because no incision was made.
  • The post-operative edema and redness problem is fewer than the other methods and heal faster.
  • Post-operative bruising is not seen.
  • One day after surgery, the need for a shower and bath can be satisfied easily.
  • There is no need to use a band after surgery (only used at night for 2 weeks).
  • You can immediately turn real life.