Mustafa Ali Yanık


What is BT?

It is a method for the treatment of wrinkles in the face and neck area It is also the trade name of the drug used for this purpose and a bacteriotoxin obtained from ‘BT.

Wrinkles are lines that are engraved on the skin due to repeating the same expression thousands of times. Wrinkles are also called mimic-experssion lines or goosefoos because of their shapes. The cause of wrinkles is the prolonged contractions of muscles under the skin. This protein provides relaxation of the muscles in the area of ​​application and allows the skin to stretch for a certain period of time. It acts only at the muscle level at which it is applied, and has no effect outside the application area.

Is it Snake Poison?

Of course, no !

Which areas does it applied?

  • Goose foot wrinkles at the eye edge,
  • Eyebrows that have fallen over time
  • Forehead wrinkles,
  • Upper lip wrinkles,
  • Wrinkles on the neck area
  • Under the seat to prevent sweating

To Whom Is Applied?

Patients with the best results are the patients who have the right practice at the right time. The operations which performed before suitable age, will not make a difference that will satisfy the patient because wrinkles are not sufficiently marked.

Patients with old age and whose wrinkles are very advanced and deepened; could not get the desired yield only by BT. These patients should be carefully examined and informed about both Bt and other methods.

How to Apply?

With the help of a special needle with a very fine tip, it is injected in few points in muscle . During the application, the patient does not experience any pain which hurst patient. Yet, pain relief cream can be applied before application according to wish of patient.

How long does the application last?

The application lasts about 10-15  minute.

How Long is the Application?

The effect of the application is seen after 2-3 days and reaches the maximum level on the 15th day. The effect time is 4 months on average and it completely disappears in 6. moths.

When used for antiperspirant, the effect time is longer.

Bt Application Against Excessive Perspiration

Excessive sweating is considered a health problem rather than a cosmetic problem. Although many methods have been tried to prevent excessive sweating, much success is not achieved. TB application may be effective in blocking or stopping excessive sweating by blocking fibers that cause excessive sweating. Its effect lasts about  6 to 12 months. Excessive sweating can be easily controlled by safe and experienced hands.

Is there a side effect?

Since it is used in small amounts for aesthetic purposes, there will be no side effect after the correct application. Rarely, temporary headache may be seen after the application.

There is no risk when trained by an experienced specialist.

What is the application of aesthetic filling, who and whic areas it applied?

That application is usually used to remove wrinkles and collapses in the face area. These wrinkles and collapses are caused by decreasing support materials. This application is the first choice for especially in mouth corner hangings, removal of wrinkles at the nose edges, filling of cheekbones, filling of lips and clarifying the contour. If the desired results cannot be obtained after the BT aesthetic filling application should be added to the treatment.

Hyaluronic acid and the patient's own fat tissue are used as filling material. The patient's own fat tissue is injected with the needle where necessary. after taken from the appropriate places, with the appropriate method,  in addition to the face, the body can also be applied in the aesthetic filling.

Besides face, it could be also performed in body areas;

Filling of breasts,

Filling of hips,

To prevent loss of tissue formed in the body due to accident or other reasons,

In the treatment of patients who have previously undergone liposuction and have developed collapses in some areas

In order to remove the lines;

aesthetic filling application is applied.

Local anesthesia is applied 30 minutes before the injection and injected to the skin with the help of a very thin needle. The treatment is simple and safe, the results are immediately visible.

The effect of temporary fillings lasts from 6 to 12 months, while the duration of permanent fillings can differ from 2 to 10 years.