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Dr. Mustafa Ali Yanık, who completed his primary school, middle school and high school education in İzmir, entered Marmara University Medical School by a succesful 14. grade. While he was continuing his medicine education, he did internship on a scholarship in Czech Republic in 1997.  He won Marmara University Medicine School by the Examination for Speciality in Medicine  to specialise in  otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, in 2003. Then, he completed his specialisation.

In 2009, Mustafa Ali Yanık , completed his fellowship which lasts two months, about facial aesthetics in Washington University, St. Louis Misuri.

He wrote down his first journal article in the beginning years of his assistantship. His articles and declaratives about ‘’Facial Plastic Surgery’’ published in local and foreign journals.  Moreover, along his education, he participated in lots of scientific activities about‘’Facial Plastic Surgery.’’ He almost has thirty publishing which were published in foreign or domestic journals and presented in congresses.

Mustafa Ali Yanık , follows scientific developments about ‘’Aesthetic Nose Surgery’’ and ‘’Facelift’’  closely and, compound his works on these issues.

He is a member of  Turkish Medical Association and Facial Plastic Surgery Association.

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